Here’s another useful piece of information from Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon: storing your beauty products in the cold, either in a fridge, a freezer or on ice, is a great way to make these products last longer. In some cases, storing them in cold will even increase their benefits. Facial mists that are stored in the cold have a greater soothing effect on your dry skin, and will feel a lot more refreshing. Eye serums and line refiners may also be stored in a fridge or freezer to increase their effectiveness in reducing puffiness. Cold eye serum and line refiners will also help the blood circulation under the eyes and make your skin look more rested. Products such as nail polish and mascara will last longer if kept in the fridge, as they are made of ingredients that degrade over time. Other products such as masks, moisturizers, serums and toners also work better if stored in the cold. Cold temperatures make capillaries smaller and stimulate drainage, which reduces puffiness. By keeping these products in the fridge, you are making them more effective at reducing redness, as well as making them last longer.