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Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon, analyses beauty product promises.

Hair care products are notorious for their promises. Yes, we all fall for the come-ons of immediate shiny, silky, and healthy hair. If you want more volume, you can get that, too. In the hype, there is much exaggeration. But experts from Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon, can assure you that there is no overnight […]

Here’s how experts from Aura Beleza hair salon Lisbon, recommend to eliminate dry skin at home

Cracked skin is caused by dryness. If left unchecked, this could lead to premature aging and the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face. So, what’s the secret to having the beautiful, smooth, glowing skin that every woman desires? Here’s some interesting information from Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon: in the traditional Hindu system of medicine […]

7 perfect reasons to make you hair done by Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon.

Coco Chanel once said:”A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

And it’s true – a good hair cut is a life changer. So, today, Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon presents 7 reasons to make an appointment with your hairdresser:
1. Are you experience changes in personal life? Broke up with your BF? […]

Three easy steps to achieve a younger-looking skin from Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon.

Sometimes we all in a rush, trying to keep up with the changing demands of a hectic modern life, so it’s not surprising that we might even forget to create the perfect routine to take care of our skin. But it’s better late than never. So here’s three essentials to start with tested by specialists […]

How-to on choosing the perfect hair treatment for unruly hair

One of the best used at home hair treatment to eliminate the frizz is the serum. Here’s the quick guide from Francesco, top stylist of Aura Beleza, beauty salon Lisbon, on which serum to use and why and which one you actually should avoid to buy.

Since all the treatments have different ingredients in it you […]

Good news on glowing skin from Aura Beleza, beauty salon Lisbon

Good news from Aura Beleza, beauty salon Lisbon! Especially for those who wants to have a glowing healthy skin and be happy!

Turns out that dark chocolate might help. In spite of the popular belief, chocolate does not cause acne.
And as researches shown it’s even the opposite – raw cacao (which is the main ingredient […]

Tips from Aura Beleza, SPA Lisboa: superfood

Dina, aesthetician from Aura Beleza, SPA Lisboa, knows it all about beauty. Even about the food that makes you beautiful. So, how about superfood that contains Vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, protein and also make you healthier, brings your skin glow and even help to loose weight? It’s actually exists. Meet chia seeds. Packed […]

Aura Beleza, SPA Lisboa, sharing bizarre beauty trick from Japan

Today we share a strangely working beauty trick from Japan, so called Face Shrinking. In fact it’s a cloth mask, soaked with special formulated liquid meant to induce heavy sweating, which reduce the size of the face. Results are obviously short-term but if you need a boost of self-confidence before the important meeting this trick […]