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How to pick your color right. Aura Beleza, beauty salon Lisbon, shares some expertise.

Considering changing you hair color? Here’s a bunch of helpful tips to follow from Francesco, top stylist of Aura Beleza, beauty salon Lisbon.  First of all remember that new color should compliment your eyes color and skin tone. The most basic way to define what will work the best is to check your veins color […]

Highlights variety in Aura Beleza, beauty salon Lisbon

Highlights is an amazing way to give your hair a bouncy natural look. And also depending on the technic your sophisticated color can be very easy to maintain (no need of dying the regrowth etc.)
Here’s absolute favourites for the summer from Aura Beleza, beauty salon Lisbon:

Look#1. For naturally medium blondes this is the perfect […]