Ombré isn’t out yet! In fact, the trend is still going strong. However, ombré does have its challenges. Dry tips, split ends, and brassy tones are all problems due to the lightening process from your mid-lengths. Here are some quick tips on how to keep your ombré looking sleek.

Choose a Bleach-Free Treatment

What causes your hair to turn brassy? Hair-color treatments that use bleach strip your hair of pigment without replacing it shares Francesco, top-stylist from Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon. The toner disappears after a few shampoos leaving behind the orange-yellow hue created by the chemical in the bleach. Besides causes brassiness, bleach opens the hair cuticle as well. This further dries the hair, which causes your new color to fade prematurely. By choosing a bleach-free treatment, you will spare yourself the trouble of dealing with dry brassy hair. One hairstylist is quoted as saying, “In our salon, we do something called ‘a glossing’. The glossing treatment involves mixing a color with a low-volume peroxide, then running it through the mid-lengths and ends to impart a natural, gradual fade, which is far more gentle on your hair than the traditional bleach method.”

Wash With Cool Water

Use cool water when washing your hair, nothing above room temperature. Not only will this seal up the cuticle, it will also restore shine. A warm-water wash, followed by a cool-water rinse is counterproductive. Warm water opens up the cuticle allowing your color to wash out. Cool water seals your cuticle, which won’t help if you’ve already washed away your color.

Throw Out the Lather

Lathering shampoos usually contain detergents, which damage your hair further and alter the color says Francesco from Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon. The key to healthy hair is moisture. Stay away from detergents and follow up shampooing with a leave-in conditioner or oil treatment. Heat styling is another damaging practice. Avoid it as much as possible.