The story of Aura Beleza

Once upon a time there was a hairdresser who was following the idea of a perfect hair salon all around the globe. He was pursuing the concept of a place with unbelievably good service, fairly priced and highly skilled professionals working along.

He was searching for this combination for many years working as a hairdresser in Italy, UK, South Africa and Brazil. Ended up in Portugal he understood that there’s no sense to proceed with his searches anymore. This country has a perfect location with the nice weather, sea breezes, friendly people and gorgeous women. The hairdresser brought all the other ingredients from the countries he’d travelled: UK proficiency, Brazilian sincere and smiley service and Italian exclusivity.
That’s how the concept of Aura Beleza appeared: it’s a boutique hair salon in Lisbon working by appointments exclusively. Salons top experts bring to Portuguese women sophisticated hair treatments, celebrity-quality hair colour techniques, amazing service and extremely nice views as it’s situated right in front of Jardim de Belém, one of the most beautiful spots in Lisbon.
So, book yourself a gorgeous hair retreat now, call Francesco, the hairdresser who brought the whole new beauty concept to Lisbon. You can reach him at +351 21 887 1761 or send him an e-mail at