Today we share with you the list of biggest hair care sins. You might want to be aware what are the do and don’ts if you want your hair be strong and healthy. Here’s some guidelines from Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon:

  • Rule one in this regard is to allow your hair to completely dry. Your hair must not feel cool to the touch after blow drying. Moisture remains so you are going to have to spend a few more minutes at the task.
  • If you wear a ponytail, here’s a tip. Do not sleep with the elastic in if you don’t want significant breakage at the crown of your head. Maybe your hair gets in the way as you sleep, but there are other solutions. You can brush it away from your face or create a loose braid. Securing gently with a clip is also an option.
  • Are you a fiend with hair spray? If so, you might be getting too close to your head. You want more even distribution so shake the can well. Aerosol is most effective, by the way, when exposed to more air, so stretch your arm a bit as you spray to make this happen.
  • We all towel-dry our wet hair after shampooing with no thought to its detriment. In point of fact, we are messing it all up as we move the towel about vigorously. Even strong hair can’t handle this tussle. Cuticles reflect light making hair look smooth and shiny. When you rough these delicate entities up, hair by contrast appears dull, coarse, and dry. But Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon, has the answer: when using a towel for drying, first wring out all possible water in the sink or shower, starting with the roots and moving toward the ends.