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Healthy Hair can be yours with this 5 rules from Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon

Today specialists from Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon will share another bunch of tips for a healthy hair. With all the daily blow-drying going on and chemicals from perms and such, the hair takes a beating. You can recover, however, without abandoning the flatiron. It is amazing how resilient the hair can be when treated […]

New service at Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon

Emma Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron all of these stunning woman are the clients of the same colorist that treated their hair with maximum care and attention with the best hair products possible!

Aura Beleza, boutique hair salon Lisbon, introduces the new dyeing service: celebrity quality, implementing with using the same products as the Hollywood […]